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School bus route

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School Bus Transportation

  • Parents will be provided with a schedule of bus routes and pick up points.
  • The student should wait for the bus at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time as the bus driver can not wait because this will delay all the children and prevent them from attending their classes on time.
  • It is advisable that someone accompanies the young students while waiting for the bus.
  • Any change of address should be immediately reported to the school administration.
  • During the first week, we kindly ask for your patience and support as the bus driver will need some time to get to know the route well.


سوف يتم توزيع جدول بمواعيد الأتوبيس المدرسي والأماكن وعلى الطلاب ضرورة التواجد في المكان المخصص للانتظار قبل ميعاد الأتوبيس على الأقل بعشر دقائق ومن المفضل أن يكون الأطفال الصغار برفقة شخص كبير.و لن يستطيع سائق الأتوبيس المدرسي الأنتظار لان ذلك من شأنه ان يعطل دورة الأتوبيس و يمنع الطلاب من اللحاق بدروسهم. في حالة وجود أي تغييرات في مكان السكن فالمرجو من سيادتكم إبلاغ ادارة المدرسة .

تهيب ادارة المدرسة السادة أولياء الأمور ان يكونوا صبورين و متعاونين في الأسبوع الأول حتي يتمكن سائق الأوتوبيس من معرفة جميع الأماكن

Bus Regulations

All children must obey the bus driver and the teachers on board.

 1. They should not talk to the driver while he is driving.

 2.They should not make noise or talk loudly on the bus because this behaviour can  distract the driver.

 3. They should be seated at all times while the bus is moving.

 4. Drinking water is allowed, but not eating.

 5. They should not scratch, write on or damage the bus seats or paint.

 6. A letter/ phone call from parents is required if they decide to take a student home  by personal transportation on a specific day.

 7. If the bus users continually break any of the above regulations, parents will be  notified.

 8. Students are forbidden to use abusive language on the bus. They are not allowed  to use it with each other or with the bus driver.

 9. Arms, legs and heads must be kept inside the bus at all times.

 10. Parents should not make phone calls with the driver for fear that he may face  dangers on the way to or from school.


Sanctions for bus rules violations

All students are expected to follow the bus rules and behave in a decent and respectable manner. Students who behave otherwise or in an unsafe manner on the bus may receive one of the following sanctions:

1st time: Warning notice –parents’ notification.

2nd time: Three days suspension from the bus.

3rd time: Two weeks suspension from the bus.

4th time: Revocation of the bus privileges.